Much needed help

I have had great difficulty finding and answering a good research question. For that reason, my first attempt at a large paper for my master’s political science ended in drama; I got a measly 3.5. For me, the form of research that political science wants you to perform was quite different from what I had learned during my bachelor’s philosophy. For that reason, I needed help finding a decent Research question and writing the necessary parts of a paper. I found support on from Monique. She has been a great sparring partner in finding and answering the research question. She gave me the tools to understand how to confront a Research paper and steered me in the right direction. Therefore I now know that I fully understand how to tackle the Essays and Papers within Political science. The result, in the end, was quite satisfactory. I wrote a new topic and paper and changed my 3.5 into an 8. With the experience I had and the result I got, I can only say that I highly recommend working with and especially with Monique! They not only help you write a paper or thesis, but they teach you how to do it.

Piet Hein Bakker