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About us

About us

About thesis agency Jouw scriptiecoach

Jouw Scriptiecoach was founded in 2017 by Linda Hovestad. Linda has been guiding students in writing their Marketing NIMA B and Marketing NIMA C marketing plan since 2011 and also worked at various thesis agencies. During her work as a thesis supervisor, Linda noticed that students need practical guidance and a clear explanation they can use to get to work immediately. Even so, thesis supervision is often classroom-based, or you are assigned a supervisor from your study programme who does not have sufficient knowledge of your topic. “This needs to change!” Linda thought. And that is how Jouw scriptiecoach came to be.

When it was founded in 2017, Jouw scriptiecoach initially specialised in marketing, communication and media, because these are Linda’s own areas of expertise. Since then, Jouw scriptiecoach has grown into an all-round thesis agency that brings together several areas of expertise. For instance, you can also go to Jouw scriptiecoach if your field of study is in the social domain, education, the legal domain or in health care.

Jouw scriptiecoach is also specialised in guiding students who are graduating from a NIMA programme. For instance, you can receive supervision for NIMA Communication, Marketing NIMA B and Marketing NIMA C. In addition, Jouw scriptiecoach has experienced supervisors with a research background. This means we can also help you with your qualitative and quantitative analyses and with processing your results in SPSS.

Thesis assistance for every student

Jouw scriptiecoach is the thesis supervisor for students in countless study programmes. We can support you in writing your research proposal, plan of approach or thesis. We do this by helping you with your substantive questions, but also by looking at the common thread and structure of your thesis together with you and helping you adhere to your deadlines. It is also possible to have your document checked for structure.

Are you having trouble starting to write your thesis, but are you stuck and do you not know how to continue or do you keep procrastinating? Our team is ready to help you with that as well. It does not matter whether you are studying full-time, part-time or in a dual programme or combine your studies with your job. Every process is tailor-made; together with you, we look at what type of thesis supervision is most suitable for your situation. That is why thesis supervision is also possible during weekends and evenings. You make agreements about this with your thesis supervisor yourself.

Check your thesis, rejected or resit?

We also help you if you want to have your thesis checked and checking for structure and content. Has your thesis been rejected? Then thesis supervision can offer a solution. We can help you adjust your thesis based on the feedback you have received, so that you can meet all the requirements of your study programme and graduate with peace of mind.

Thesis assistance with study problems

Are you having trouble getting started on writing your thesis? Is it difficult for you to maintain a common thread or concentrate well? These study problems are common. Our thesis supervisors have lots of experience supervising students and ensure that you can get moving again. Do you have a functional limitation such as dyslexia, ADHD or autism? Even then, you can come to Jouw scriptiecoach for help. We have multiple supervisors who specialise in guiding students with study problems or functional limitations. Jouw scriptiecoach has developed its own unique approach for this in order to, even if you have learning problems, still graduate in time and stay motivated, even when things are looking grim or you are in doubt.

Affordable supervision at Jouw scriptiecoach: online and on location

At Jouw scriptiecoach, we offer flexible thesis supervision at competitive rates. Thesis supervision is possible both on location and online, you can opt for thesis supervision in the weekend or in the evenings and we always apply competitive rates that are exempt from VAT.

When you request a free consultation, we discuss your questions and immediately give you an estimate of the number of hours we need to get you to the finish line. This way, you know where you stand in advance. You then have the option to easily purchase hours online.

Need help immediately?

At Jouw scriptiecoach, personal attention and practical, substantive supervision comes first. Our team consists of professional thesis supervisors who specialise in all sorts of fields. This means we can always find an ideal match. You as a student will immediately be assigned an expert who is a professional in your field. This means you can get back to work quickly! Do you need help with your research proposal, plan of approach, thesis or resit quickly? Then request a free consultation right away.

Contact Jouw scriptiecoach if you want immediate help with your thesis.

Do you want immediate help with your thesis? Then request a free consultation now. During the consultation, we look at how best to help you and what supervisor is most suitable for your subject. You also immediately receive an estimate of the number of hours we expect to need to get you to the finish line. Next, you can easily purchase the hours online, and when the payment comes through, we immediately link you to your thesis supervisor. They will contact you quickly (often on the same day) so that you can continue working as soon as possible.

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